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Who We Are

As a social enterprise, Northern Lights Mentorship Group is about building. With our trades sector and employment partners, we give young adults who have been shut out of the employment market opportunities to develop the confidence, skills, and experience to build better lives and our community.

Manitoba’s growing economy and aging workforce have led to a shortage of construction trades workers. Northern Lights Mentorship Group is part of the solution. Our participants benefit from intensive support, professional training, and hands-on experience in high demand trades. Our province gains with a growing pool of job-ready workers to fill the labour gap.

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What We Do

We offer intensive trades training and mentorship to young adults aged 18-35. Most come to NLMG with little or no trades experience but they all have a big desire to make a change in their lives.

Under the supervision of NLMG mentors, our participants work for hire with temporary staffing agencies, commercial contractors, and anyone else who needs trades services.

As a social enterprise construction company, NLMG pursues sub-trade contracts alongside our sector partners, who employ our graduating participants.

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Become Part of Our Success

NLMG thrives because of the people and organizations that share our vision of better lives, stronger communities, and a growing economy. 

If you’re ready to make a life change through our training and mentorship program, take the step of contacting us to find out more about what’s involved with being a participant.

NLMG’s evolution and growth is the result of mutually beneficial partnerships. While we strategically pursue community and business connections, sometimes the best collaborations are the result of chance opportunities. We invite anyone who wants to contribute to reach out to us.

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Our trades sector, employment, and community partners are part of the engine that drives NLMG.

Because of our close relationships with those in the construction industry, we know what sub-trades are in high demand and where there are skills shortages. This allows us to focus our participant training and mentorship in areas with the greatest opportunity for future employment.

Our employment partners help us to connect with young adults who have been working hard to become employed and who need targeted support and training to achieve their goals. Our community partners support us in a variety of ways from employing our participants on an ongoing basis to helping us to communicate with our stakeholders.



Success Stories

Every story of success starts with desire and a goal. Our participants may have faced challenges such as early childhood trauma, addiction, discrimination, mental health issues or incarceration. But these life experiences don’t have to be roadblocks to success. With determination and the right kind of support, our participants accomplish things many may not have thought possible.

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The difference between a sucessful person and others is not the lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.
— Vince Lombardi